EL CARTUCHIO - Movie by Stan Guigui

Blood and fire in Bogota. To protest against the destruction of their “Kingdom”, thousands of homeless people confront the police in the time of an urban guerilla. During the battle, the King of Thieves, at the helm of a group of 400 armed hobos, kidnaps a priest in his church. This “Kingdom”, a real legend in Columbia, is the Cartucho. The biggest slum in the world. A filthy refuge housing 20,000 people, mostly beggars, thieves, prostitutes and drug addicts... A brutal and blazing universal picture of a premonitory world that has succumb to poverty and violence. The Cartucho drags us along with the “urban savages”, through the dramatic destinies of Segundo, James and Pirata, Jerry and Marisol, a gang of street kids...

This movie is the outcome of Stan Guigui's photographic project, published, rewarded and exhibited throughout the world. A book of photographs accompanies the film at its release.



« If rock’n’roll  is a wander through the wild paths of life
then Stan Guigui embodies pure rock ! »

Rolling Stone Magazine



Stanislas Guigui was born in Paris in November 1969.

Feeling uneasy at home and at school, Stan Guigui escapes his surrounding reality at a young age by spending much time in the streets where he becomes familiar with urban chaos as he dwells in a « no future » punk-rock atmosphere.

In 1992, he studies Fine Arts in Avignon. He wishes to master drawing or painting. But he is unable to dominate the technique and to reproduce what he sees. He then turns to Cinema and Video before engaging in a personal photographic work about people in the streets, especially tramps. Concerned with showing things below their surface, and mainly people, he portrays his models: alcoholics, drug addicts, homeless, mentally ill and asks them to write him a text so that he can show the contrast between the degraded image of their self, who gave up on appearance and their conscience tinged with great sensitivity.

In 1996, he moves to Bogota in Colombia. After being fired of an advertising agency where he worked 6 month, he spends his time exploring the lowest depths of the city and rapidly finds the Cartucho, the largest court of miracles in South America and home to the crack smoking dens of the Colombian capital. A gigantic cut-throat shanty town spreading over 20 hectares in the city’s heart, one block away from the Presidential Palace. A piece of land which became the refuge for 20,000 people, most of whom thieves, beggars, murderers and drug addicts. People who lost everything and turned to delinquency in order to survive.

Obsessive photographer of the underworlds, of rage and revolt, he is permanently moved by the desire of exploring the darkest sides of our societies. He is attracted by these mobs of outsiders with whom he identifies beyond all constraint and social rules. He is not only a witness of what he pictures, while never in them, he nevertheless participates and shares the drifts of his friends…

As a logical consequence of his life, Stan Guigui decides to make of the Cartucho his main photographic and cinematographic theme in spite of the difficulties and the danger involved in this project. Inspired by classical literature, by Hugo, Stevenson and Dickens and fuelled by revolt Stan Guigui approaches the Cartucho with an insiders’ eye rather than a moralizing one with the intention of denouncing an unjust, repressive and decadent society which created this hell on earth. He is a privileged witness to the world’s madness and cruelty, and a two-tiered society which creates exclusion and misery.

The Cabaret New Burlesque is the second big project of the photographer.

They are American, overflowing with vitality and proud to be round! These are the gargantuan creatures of the most outrageous show of the year: the New Burlesque Cabaret. Antidote to the anaemic models that symbolize the artificial and sinister fashion, the New Burlesque girls conquered the French public - with the help of Mathieu Amalric's film On Tour which was dedicated to them. The show is a mixture of eccentricities inspired by the burlesque humour of silent films and queer codes.

Ultra kitsch decors, flaming red or blond hair, unabashed curves, outrageous make-up and above all provocative costumes. This work was made by following the Cabaret New Burlesque for 2 months during their last tour in Paris, from the Theatre de la Cité to their nominations at the César 2011.



Born 1969 in France

Solo Exhibitions – Projections

2014      Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve – Paris France

Museum Niepce – Chalon sur Soane France

Festival les Photographiques – Le Mans France

2013      La Galerie Particulière

Galerie Christophe Gerber – Lausanne Switzerland

Pavillon M. European Capitale of Culture - Marseille France

Festival Circulations- Paris France

2012      Galerie Lame – Marseille France

 Galerie PhotoFNAC – Marseille, Perpignan, Lyon France

2011        Galerie PhotoFNAC – Paris, Nice France

2010       International Photo Festival – Lianzhou China

2009       Museum Acquario di Calagnone – Sardinia Italy

2007       Festival PHOTOESPANA – Madrid, Spain

2006       Festival Photojournalisme “Visa pour l’Image” – Perpignan, France


Group Exhibitions

2015      "SCOPE South Beach" presented by Alternative Art Collections - Miami USA

2015       "Paris Photo" presented by Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve - Paris, France

2015       Affordable Art Fair South Korea presented by Alternative Art Collections, Seoul, South Korea

2014       Angkor Festival – Angkor, Cambodia

2013       “Pulse Miami” presented by La Galerie Particuliere - Miami USA

2013       “Paris Photo” presented by La Galerie Particuliere – Paris France

2011        Maison Europeene de la Photo

2011        Festival “Images Singulieres” – Sete France

2010        Photokina – Cologne Germany

1992         University of Fine Arts – Avignon France

1991         Cultural Centre Edmond Fleg - Marseille France

1990        Jerusalem Israel

Prizes in Photography

2009 UNICEF PHOTO OF THE YEAR - Prix Mention Honorable (Honors Prize) - Germany

2006 PHOTOESPANA - Prix Découverte (Discovery Prize) - Madrid Spain



EL CARTUCHO The Kingdom of Thieves

2010         Projection PHOTOESPANA - Madrid Spain

2009-2005     Shooting of the Feature Film, Editing and Post-production


2006 NAVARRA FESTIVAL CINE Short film in competition - Pamplona Spain

2005 Short length Documentary - Bogota Colombia


Script Writing

2002       LA BETE - Feature Film script

2001        LES CORBEAUX DU DESERT  - Documentary script. In development France2

2000       LES GOSSES - Feature Film script


Permanent collections

Musée Nicéphore Niepce Chalon sur Saône, France – Series Cuchillo Bohemio, El Muro, Maraiachis

JP Morgan Chase Art Collection – Series Atras El Muro




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