Born in 1982 in Chongqing (China), Kang Can graduated from the  Sichuan Fine Art Institute. He is inspired by the mass urbanization and the ensuing globalization of China. In the post-industrial age, we are swamped by information and images, making reality appear a fiction and fiction a reality, a state which fatigues us and tires us.  

Babies come unadulterated and innocent into the world, free from the ideology of capitalism and consumerism. The natural world, fauna, wildlife are equally free from this media-obsessed world. Can this save us from a torrent of information and capitalism? 

Kang Can works and lives in Beijing. He has had numerous international exhibitions and features in prominent art collections. 



  • 2010-2011  Training  Art & Media Department, Zurich University, Switzerland

  • 2002-2006 Bachelor’s Degree Oil Painting Department, Sichuan Fine Art Institute, China

  • Current Professional artist in Tank Loft- Chongqing Contemporary Art Center

Participation Solo and Group Exhibitions:


  • 501 Art Base Solo Exhibition
  • "Role" (San Diego, U.S.A.) - "Role" (Weinuolisa Contemporary Art Center, Beijing. China)

  • "Shaky" (Graffiti Street Contemporary Art Space. Chongqing, China)

  • "Baby" (French Union. Wuhan, China)

  • The 36th Japan AJAC Yokohama International Exhibition of overseas artists (The Best Artist Award. Yokohama Museum of Art, Japan)

  • "Cross" .The 6th Songzhuang International Arts Festival "Through" Chongqing community (Beijing Song Village)

  • Nomination Exhibition “Emerging Artists” of the Annual Chinese Critics (501 Contemporary Art Museum)

  • Contemporary Art Exhibition of China and Japan (China Three Gorges Museum)

  • First Annual Art Exhibition of Chongqing Art Gallery (Chongqing Painting Exhibition)

  • Birth - Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition(Beijing 798)

  • "EAST / WEST"(San Diego, United States)

  • "Through " second exhibition ˆXiangshan Art Museum

  • 2010 Art Exhibition of Contemporary Artist Beijing, China

  • "Children"(Paris. France)

  • "Past and Present any evening"(Chongqing, China)


  •  Personal exhibition Kang Can (Chongqing Library, China)
  • Group Exhibitions

  • "New Art In Japan" 35th AJAC (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan)

  • "China's situation," Huangjueping Arts Festival Exhibition of Contemporary Art (501 Museum of Contemporary Art, China)

  • "Each word," the first western contemporary art exhibitions (Cheung Museum of Contemporary Art, Huangjueping Art Museum, China)

  • 35 session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum AJAC Chinese Artists Exhibition Tour Exhibition, Chongqing (Chongqing Art Museum, China)


  • AIAA2008  ( Asia World – Expo, Hong-Kong, China “Decouvertes: Retour de Chine ” (Paris, France)
  • “KITAI PVERIOD”“CHINA FORWARD!!!” ( Moscow,Russia )

  • “Exhibition on Chinese Painting-Art” (Museo Della Permanente Museum, Milan, Italy)

  • Arts Exhibition of The Art Basel Miami Beach (Miami, United  States )
  • The First Annual Moon River Sculpture Festival – “The Origin” (Moon River Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China)


  •  Arts Exhibition of Bari, Italy  (Bari, Italy)
  • Exhibition of  “ Later After Time ”  ( Chongqing, China )

  • Exhibition of  “ Chinese Walls ”  ( Amsterdam, Holland )

  • Exhibition of “ Variety ” ( Tank Loft- Chongqing Contemporary Art Center )

  • Exhibition of “Six 21st Century Chinese Neo-Pop Artists” ( Miami,  United  States )

  • Exhibition of Artists of Tank Loft, 2007 ( Tank Loft- Chongqing Contemporary Art Center )

  • Exhibition of “ Animamix Biennial: From Modernity to Eternity ”  ( MOCA Shanghai, China )

  • Arts Exhibition of Art  Basel  Miami  ( Miami,  United  States )

  • Exhibition of Academic Review “ Sichuan School from Local Modernity to Urban Utopia ” ( Beijing, China )


  •  Exhibition  of  “ Wandering about the Streets ” ( Chongqing, China )
  • Exhibition of  “ Urgency ” ( Tank Loft- Chongqing Contemporary Art Center )

  • Arts Exhibition of Art  Basel  Miami  Beach ( Miami Beach,  United  States )

  • Exhibition Excellent Works of Graduates from Institutions of Fine Art (Beijing Today Art Museum, China)

  • 10th Annual Exhibition of Student Works of Sichuan Fine Art Institute ( Chongqing Art Museum, China )


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