JIVKO (b. in 1963 in Bulgaria) is a French sculptor who lives and works in Paris.

His butterflies and feathers series in bronze are known for their weightless quality.

A graduate of the Beaux Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria (1985), he also attended the Prague Beaux Arts (1985-90) as well as the Paris Beaux Arts (1990-93). He is also the recipient of many prizes and the 1993 Pierre Auguste Renoir’s prize with a residency at Renoir’s  workplace in Essoyes, the Susse Foundery prize and an elected member of the NSS (National Sculpture Society, USA)

He has exhibited at the Pupet Theater, the  Ferrovier Palace, Prague, the Palace of Culture (1989)  “Centrum” gallery (1990) in Prague ; the Centre technique des industries de la fonderie (Center for Metalwork Industries), Paris (1991),  “MAC 2000” Art fair, Grand Palais, Paris (1992), Art Elysees, etc.  the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, the Orangerie of the Senate house, (2006 and 2015). Place St Germain des Prés and place St Sulpice (Monumentals). He has been represented by “Univers du Bronze” gallery in Paris for 20 years. He has won several important prizes incl. First Prize Beaux Arts Prague (1987), First Prize Susse Frères Fondeurs (1993), First Prize Crédit Lyonnais, Rambouillet Art show (1993), First Prize, Sculpture, Ministère des Finances, Paris (1994), First Prize Charles Oulmont, Fondation de France (1995) and recently the commission sculpture for ENA in Strasbourg, France.

His works are in the collections of M. CHIRAC, Président de la République Française, Ministère des Finances, France, Association Renoir, Essoyes, Champagne Moët et Chandon, Epernay, Société Auriga Partner’s, Paris, Société Villeroy & Bosch, France and Sanofi Aventis, France.


1977-1982    Fine Arts high school, Bulgaria

1984-1985    Beaux-Arts Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria

1985-1990  Beaux-Arts Academy, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Higher studies Diploma, as “academic sculptor”

1990-1993    Guest student at Ecole des Beaux-Arts Paris

1990-1991    Resident artist at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris

1992-1993    Recipient Pierre Auguste Renoir’s prize and resident artist at Renoir’s work place in Essoyes,

1993-1994    Art History at the Sorbonne, Paris


Personal Exhibitions


1987    Pupet Theater, Prague, Czechoslovakia  - Ferrovier Palace, Prague

1988     “Karlovy Vary” Hotel, Czechoslovakia  - Palace of Radio, Prague

1989   Palace of Culture, Prague - “Ferrovier” Palace, Prague

1990    “Centrum” gallery, Prague

1991    Centre technique des industries de la fonderie (Center for Metalwork Industries), Paris

    - “J. A. Buci” gallery, Saint-Germain des Beaux-Arts, Paris

    - “L’Espace 17” gallery, Paris

    - “U Bileho Konicka” gallery, Prague

1992    - “MAC 2000” Art fair, Grand Palais, Paris

- “Bernanos” gallery, Paris

- “Daniel Pons-Jeanne Debord” gallery, Paris

- “Maurice Gabriel François” gallery, Levallois-Perret

1993     - “Moët & Chandon” Hotel, presented by the Renoir Association, Epernay

    - “House of Grapes”, Renoir Room, Essoyes

1994    - “Façade” gallery, presented by the Renoir Association and Moët & Chandon, Paris

    - “MAC 2000” Art fair, Espace Eiffel Branly, Paris (also in 1996, 1998, 2000 and 2003)

    - “Arte Viva” gallery, Levallois-Perret

1995    - “Univers du Bronze” gallery, Paris

    - “Mischkind” gallery, Lille

1996    - Orangerie of the Castle, Sucy-en-Brie

    - Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

1997    - “Claudine Legrand” gallery, Paris

    - “Royal Thalasso” Hotel, La Baule

1998    - “Univers du Bronze” gallery, Paris

1999    - “Art Comparaison” gallery, Nantes

    - “Mischkind” gallery, “André Masson and Jivko”, Lille

2000    - “De Hazelaar” gallery, Soest, Pays-Bas

2001    - “Champagne Devaux” House, Domaine de Villeneuve, Bar-sur-Seine

2002    - “Arts millésimés 2002” Art show, chapel of the Goncourt Library, Bar-sur-Seine

    - Townhall of Nogent-sur-Seine

    - “Univers du Bronze” gallery, Paris

2003    - “Cap Art” gallery, Genvalle Lake, Bruxelles

    - “Art Comparaison” gallery, La Baule

    - “Eric Dumont” gallery, Troyes

2004    - House of the 16th Century, Bar-sur-Seine

2005    - Haus Ludwig Museum, Saarlouis, Allemagne

    - “Claude Morellon” gallery, Toulouse

    - “Mischkind” gallery, Lille

2006     - Orangerie of the Senate house, Luxembourg Gardens, Paris

- “Around Marc Chagall’s largest stained-glass window ‘Peace’”, Chapel of the Cordeliers in Sarrebourg and outdoor exhibition of several monumental sculptures in the city. One monumental sculpture bought by the city of Sarrebourg and permanently exhibited outside the Beaux-Arts Academy

    - “Saint-Pierre” gallery, Geneva, Switzerland

2007    - “Eric Dumont” gallery and exhibition of monumental sculptures in the Beaux-Arts Museum, Saint-Loup Museum,

    House of the tools, and Vauluisant Museum, Troyes  

    - “Morellon” gallery, Toulouse

    - “Univers du Bronze” gallery, Paris


2008    - 14 monumental sculptures on Place Saint-Germain des Prés and Place Saint-Sulpice, together with an exhibition in the Paris 6th townhall.

    - “L’écusson” gallery, Montpellier

    - “Château Roubine”, Valérie and Philippe Riboud, Saint-Tropez

2009    - Exposition at the Taylor Foundation, Paris

    - “RudolfV” gallery, Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

    - “St Rémy” gallery, Liège, Belgique

    - “Axelle Fine Arts” gallery, New York

2010    - “Axelle Fine Arts” gallery, Boston

    - “L’écusson” gallery, Montpellier

- Galerie Eric Dumont, Troyes

2011    - Galerie « Evasion », Waremme, Belgique


Prizes and Distinctions

1987    - First Price, Sculpture, Beaux-Arts Academy, Prague

1988    - First Price, Sculpture and Drawing, Center for the Youth, Harachov, Czechoslovakia

1989    - First Price, Sculpture, Center for the Youth, Orlik, Czechoslovakia

1990    - First Price, Sculpture, Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois

1991    - First Price, Sculpture, “Itinéraire 91” Art show, Levallois-Perret

1992    - First Price and bursary from the Renoir Association

- First Price “Art Dialogue”, Sculpture biennal show, Issy-les-Moulineaux

- Silver and bronze medals, Clichy Art show

- Honorary guest of the Montgeron Art show

1993    - First Price Susse Frères Fondeurs, Paris

- First Price Crédit Lyonnais, Rambouillet Art show

1994    - First Price, Sculpture, Ministère des Finances, Paris

1995    - First Price Charles Oulmont, Fondation de France

    - First Price, Sculpture, Natural History artists Art show, Bry-sur-Marne

1996    - Vice-president of the Contemporary Art show, Angers

1997    - First Price, Sculpture, Contemporary Art show, Dreux

1999    - Silver gilt medal of the Arts, Sciences et Lettres of the Académie Française

    - Honorary guest of the Ville d’Avray Art show

2001    - Vice-president of the “Route de l’Art” Arts show, Aube

2002    - First Price, Sculpture, L’Isle-Adam

    - Honorary guest of the Garches Art show

2003    - Honorary guest of the Nemours Art show

2004    - Honorary guest of the Pontoise Art show

    - Honorary guest of the 10th International biennal show, Tinchebray

2005    - Honorary guest of the Etampes Art show

    - Honorary guest of the Summer Art show, Saint-Flour

2007    - Honorary guest of the Viroflay Art show

    - First Price, Evariste Jonchère Price, Foundation Taylor

2009    - Nominated as a member of the jury presided by Maya Picasso for the Renoir scholarship of the Renoir Foundation

2010    - Honorary guest of the show « L’Art au château de Rully »

    - Honorary guest of the Laval Contemporary Art Show

2012    - Honorary guest of the Contemporary Art Show Vittel, France

    - Honorary guest of the International Sculpture Meeting, Hettange-Grande

    - Elected Member of the NSS, National Sculpture Society, New York, U.S.A.


Group Exhibitions

1986    - House of Culture (Ministry of Transport), Prague

    - Palace of Radio, Prague

1987     - Beaux-Arts Academy, Prague

1988    - Beaux-Arts Academy, Bratislava, Slovakia

    - Center for the Youth, Harachov, Czechoslovakia

1989    - Center for the Youth, Orlik, Czechoslovakia

1990    - Group exhibition, Stockholm

    - Spring Art show, Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois

1991    - “Art Contemporary” gallery, Montreal, Canada

- “Itinéraire 91” Art show, Levallois-Perret

- “Daniel Gauthier” gallery, Megève and Deauville

- “En Selle” Art show, Lisieux

- “Ob’Art” Art show, Parc des expositions, Paris

- La Celle-Saint-Cloud Art show

1992    - “L’Abbaye” gallery, Halle Martenot, Rennes

- House of Grapes, Renoir Room, Essoyes

- “Lehalle” gallery, Paris

- “La Brussette” gallery, Mery-sur-Marne

- Spring Art show, Clichy-la-Garenne

- “Sud 92”, biennal Sculpture show, Issy-les-Moulineaux

- Exhibition in the old townhall, Courbevoie

- Fine Art show, Grigny

- Contemporary Art show, Dammarie-les-Lys

    - “Les Halles” gallery, Paris

1993    - Corinne Timsit “International Galleries”, Paris

- Spring Art show, Clichy-la-Garenne

- Contemporary Art show, Angers

- National Natural History Art show, Rambouillet

- Natural History Art show, Bry-sur-Marne

- “L’Abbaye” gallery, Rennes

1994    - “Sud 92”, biennal Sculpture show, Issy-les-Moulineaux

- “Univers du Bronze” gallery, Paris

- “Danielle Gauthier” gallery, Megève

- “Cluny” gallery, Geneva, Switzerland

- Contemporary Art show, Dammarie-les-Lys

- Contemporary Art show, Angers

- Contemporary Art show, Samoëns

- Spring Art show, Courbevoie

- National Art show, Rambouillet

- Contemporary Art show, Noisy-le-Grand

- “Victor Choquet” Art show, Ministère des Finances, Paris

1995     - Engraving Art show, Corot Group, Paris

- International Contemporary Art show, Strasbourg

- Natural History Art show, Bry-sur-Marne

- Christmas Art show, “Mischkind” gallery, Lille

- “Claudine Legrand” gallery, Paris

- Contemporary Art show, Angers

- Triennal European Sculpture exhibition, Jardin des Plantes, Paris

1996    - Exhibition in the old townhall, Courbevoie

- Triennal Contemporary Art and European community Literature show, France

    - “Sud 92”, biennal Sculpture show, Issy-les-Moulineaux

- “Mischkind” gallery, Lille

- International biennal Sculpture show, Passy

- “J. P. Prebet” gallery, Roanne

1997     - “Artists of the World, “Bernanos” gallery, Paris

    - Fall Art show, Quai Branly, Paris

- “Fardel” gallery, Annecy

- Contemporary Art show, Angers

    - 2nd biennal Contemporay Art show, Senlis

- Contemporary Art show, Dreux

- European Contemporary Art show, Gien

- European Contemporary Art fair, Gand, Belgique

1998    - “Europ’Art” Art show, Geneva, Switzerland

- “Bernanos” gallery, Paris

- Biennal Contemporay Art show, Wimereux

- “François Ier” gallery, Aubigny-sur-Nere

- “Arte Viva” gallery, Levallois-Perret

- Contemporary Art show, Angers

- Renoir Association, Essoyes

1999    - “Sculpture in Town», Vittel

- “Vendôme” gallery, Paris

- Contemporary Art show, Courbevoie

- “Masters to be envisaged”, “Mischkind” gallery, Lille

- “Art Comparaison” gallery, Carnac

- Art, Sciences, Literature show, Neuilly

- “Art Espace” Art show, Fresnes

2000    - Natural History Art show, Bry-sur-Marne

- “Univers du Bronze” gallery, Paris

2001    - Contemporary Art show, Nemours

- “Got” gallery, Barbizon

- “Art and Music” Art show, Bry-sur-Marne

- “Art Nîmes” Art show, presented by the “Sérignan” gallery, Nîmes

2002    - Contemporary Art fair, Gand, Belgique

- “Le Minotaure” gallery, presented by the Renoir Association, Paris

- “Seven out-of-the-ordinary artists”, “Mischkind” gallery, Lille

- “Art-Metz”, Contemporary Art show, Metz

- “Sérignan” gallery, Avignon

- House of the Baker, presented by the Renoir Association, Troyes

2003    - Contemporary Art show, Courbevoie

- Opera house of Massy

- “Art-Metz”, Contemporary Art show, Metz

2004    - “Les Tournesols” gallery, Vichy

- “Besseiche” gallery, Courchevel and Geneva

2005    - “Mouvance” gallery, Place des Vosges, Paris

2006     - Lunéville Art show

2007    - Courbevoie Art show

    - “Mouvance” gallery, Place des Vosges, Paris

    - Viroflay Art show

2008    - City of Sarrebourg

    - “Rat Mort” gallery, Ostende, Belgique

    - “Mishkind” gallery, Lille

2009    - “Art et Design”, Tuileries, Paris, presented by « Univers du Bronze »

    - “Art en Capitale”, Salon ”Comparaison”, Grand Palais, Paris

    - Salon des Antiquaires, Palais des Congrès, Paris

2010    - Salon du collectionneur, Champ de Mars, Paris

    - “Alfa Art Gallery” gallery, New Jersey, USA

    - “St Rémy” gallery, Varennes, Belgique

- « Art en Capitale », Salon « Comparaison », Grand Palais, Paris

    - « Albareh Art gallery », Bahrain

    - Salon d’Art contemporain de Strasbourg, presented by gallery « L’Ecusson »

    - « Linéart », Liège, Belgium, presented by gallery « Saint-Rémy »

2011    - Contemporary Art Show of Metz, France presented by « Galerie Boyrié »

- Contemporary Art Show of Luxembourg, presented by « Galerie Boyrié »

- Modern Art of the 20th century, Salon d’Automne, Paris, France

2012    - Salon “Comparaison”, “Art en Capital”, Grand Palais, Paris, France

    - International Contemporary Art Show, Strasbourg, France

    - International Art Fair, Maastricht, presented by “Univers du Bronze”

    - Haus Ludwig Museum, Saarlouis, Germany

    - “Art 14” gallery, Bruges, Belgium

2013    - Contemporary Art Show, Luneville

    - Contemporary Art Show, Vittel

    - Consulate of Saarland, Berlin, Germany

- Salon « Comparaison », « Art en Capital », Grand Palais, Paris, France

    - SIAC, Strasbourg, France

2014    - Salon « Comparaison », « Art en Capital », Grand Palais, Paris, France

    - SIAC Strasbourg, France

    - Salon « Art Lille », Lille, France


Public and corporate acquisitions

- M. Jacques CHIRAC, Président de la République Française

- Ministère des Finances, France

- Fondation des handicapés, Genève

- Association Renoir, Essoyes

- Préfecture d’Angers, France

- Mairie de Sarrebourg, France

- Mairie de Viroflay, France

- Champagne Moët et Chandon, Epernay, France

- Art Dialogue, Paris, France

- Société Auriga Partner’s, Paris, France

- Société Villeroy & Bosch, France

- Sanofi Aventis, France

- Ecole Nationale d’Administration, Strasbourg (1 % artistique), France



- 2006 : Catalog "Between Myth and Humanity"

- 2010 : Catalog "Monumental sculptures at St Germain des Près"

- 2015 : Catalogs “Between Myth and Humanity” (2nd Ed.), “Monumental works” (2nd. Ed.), “Selected Art works”, “Bronze Design by Jivko”