Alternative Art Collections - KARLSRUHE CONTEMPORARY 21, BOOTH M06

Alternative Art Collections - KARLSRUHE CONTEMPORARY 21, BOOTH M06

Alternative Art Collections - AFF SEOUL BOOTH A01

Alternative Art Collections - AFF SEOUL BOOTH A01

Alternative Art Collections - ART CENTRAL BOOTH B11

Korea Art Affordable First Addition, Seoul


February 16 -19, 2017 KARLSRUHE CONTEMPORARY 21, Karlsruhe, Germany

September 9-11, 2016 Affordable Art Fair South Korea Second Edition, Seoul, South Korea (Private Viewing September 8)

March 23-26, 2016 ART CENTRAL, Hong Kong, Booth B11 (VIP preview March 21 and 22)

February 18-21, 2016 KARLSRUHE CONTEMPORARY 21, Karlsruhe, Germany

December 1-6, 2015 SCOPE Miami Beach (15th Anniversary), Miami, U.S.A.

November 12-15 2015 Affordable Art Fair Singapore, Singapore (Private Viewing November 11)

October 20, 2015 AsiaNow, Espace Cardin, Paris: VIP curatorial tour with Pia Copper (register at

September 11-13, 2015 Affordable Art Fair South Korea First Edition, Seoul, South Korea (Private Viewing September 10) 


May 11-17, 2015 “GAN YISHU CHINESE YOUNG ARTISTS: corruptionist, abstractionists, eroticists, dreamers and escapists” Espace Cinko, Paris, France

干艺术 (gan yishu) or “doing art” is a new expression in China, currently employed among 
artists. The verb gan sounds like “gan huo” meaning to work as a labourer, a factory 
worker, to work to make a living. But gan is a homonym for “feeling”, or sensuality or put 
more bluntly “doing it”. This makes « gan yishu » China’s newest private joke. 
To “do art” is way of being, transgressing boundaries because one is and one is more than 
that“an artist” and in that sense, a revolutionary. 

Chang Lei, Dai Guangyu, Han Bing,Li Yijun Liu Zheng
Qin Yifeng, Qi Wenzhang, Sun Shaoku,Wu Gaozhong
Wu Junyong, Ye Nan, Zhang Haiying, Zheng Hongxiang
Zheng Min

Videos: Ma Yongfeng, Irrelevant Commission Project, Zhong Jinpei Chen Chenchen,Wu Junyong

January 2014-2015: Group shows of Qiu Jie, Wang Keping, Pradeep Mishra, Arif Hussain, Galerie en Appartement, Paris, France

May 2014: “Secrets de Boudoir”, Hong Wai ink paintings, AP Contemporary Gallery, Hong Kong

January 2013: Curated Arsenal, Montreal/Division Gallery, Toronto’s inaugural exhibition, “Like Thunder Out of China”: Group exhibition of 19 contemporary Chinese artists including He Yunchang, Gao Brothers, Zhang Huan, Gu Wenda and Qiu Jie, and the launch of Weiwei-isms.
Review, Interview, Short Film, CIC Canada

October 2013: GRC Gallery curator Pierre Cornette de St-Cyr, St-Germain des Prés, Paris : Google China, exhibition of contemporary Chinese art featuring Ai Weiwei, He Yunchang, Qingsong Wang, Han Bing, Liu Bolin. RCMP Gallery, Paris, France.

May 2012: Hotel Scribe, Paris: Chine, Nouvelle Vague: Han Bing and Chang Lei, in Theatre of Modernization. 
D’après les maîtres: Pan Yue during Paris Fashion Week 

November 2012: “Vous avez dit révolution?” Photographs by Han Bing, Qiu Jie, Chang Lei, Tiantai Quan. Maison de la Chine, Paris, France

September-November 2011: “Middle East, Middle Kingdom”: First Chinese exhibition in the Middle East, with Gao Brothers, Tunglu Hung, Han Bing, Qiu Jie and Liu Dao. Etemad Gallery, Dubai

October 2011: “Ye Hai, India Darling!” Group exhibition celebrating contemporary Indian artists Pradeep Mishra, Ajay Sharma and others. XVA Gallery, DIFC, Dubai

2010: “The Last Gulag: Chinese Art Meets Perm 27” (Ai Weiwei, Zhang Xiaogang and Zhang Huan) Perm Museum of Contemporary Art

September 2010: Xu Longsen ink paintings, Palais de Justice, Brussels, Belgium

October 2010: “Under the Radar”, young Iranian artists' drawings, Maryam Amini and Shapour Pouynad. JTM Gallery, Paris; Beauchamp Club, London, U.K. and Running Horse Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

May 2010: Under the Veil–New Art from Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon and Syria. Guest curator for young artists. With Ifa Gallery at “Art Paris”, Paris, France

December 2009: “The Mongolian Sky”: first exhibition of Mongolian art in Paris. Gallery Sinitude, Paris, France

2009: Kitai Period, second exhibition of Chinese avant-garde art in Russia. Featured 21 artists, including Liu Bolin, Wang Du, Weng Fen, Zhong Biao and Gao Brothers. For Alpha Bank Group. TSUM, Moscow, Russia

2009: “French Photographers in China: Riboud, Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson”. Pingyao Photography Festival, Bang Gallery, Beijing, China

2008: “Propaganda Time”: Mao, Ho Chi Minh revolutionary posters; Lu Fei Fei, muse and rebel; Han Bing: “Walking the Cabbage”, performance and exhibition. Reflex Gallery, Paris, France.

2004: Pearl Lam Gallery, Paris office, Paris, France: assisting André Putman 2004 Exhibition in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, and La France Mandarine, exhibition of French design made ith Chinese craft techniques with Mathias Bonetti, Elizabeth Garouste, Martin Szekely, etc ... (Year of China in France).

2003: Orangerie du Sénat, Paris: “Mai Mao”, paintings on Mao Zedong by Xue Song and Zhang Dali.

2003: “Room with a View Gallery”, Shanghai, China: Xiao Xin, Photographs of Shanghai.

2002: Espace Opéra, Paris: “China! China!”: Tianbing Li, Jiang Dahai, Ru Xiaofan.

2002: Passage Choiseul, Paris: “Parallel Worlds”: Ai Xingyu, Yichu Chen, Li Tianbing, Ma Liuming, Zhang Xiaogang and Tang Hui.

2002: Albert Benamou/Anne Lettrée, Paris: “Corps de chine, Femmes/femmes.”

2001: Opium Beds and Co, Paris: Antiques and contemporary paintings.

2001: Passage du Grand Cerf, Paris: Jin Weihong, nudes in ink.