TAROT SERIES 2014-2015


Robert Combas known as "Combas" is a French painter and sculptor, (b.1957) living and working in Paris.

He is eponymous with the figuration libre movement which began in Paris in the 1980s as a reaction to the art establishment, especially minimalism and conceptual art.

His renditions of the human figure  (done in wild and violent are his brushstrokes,  seemingly in a frenzy of creation), women men, sometimes in very in erotic poses, are poetic and sensual, primitive and real. His depictions of musicians, magicians, knights, witches, fairies, dancers, angels, unicorns, snakes, interspersed with poetic musings and free verse have opened the way for tag art and graffiti. His art is also very influenced by music and his own pantheon of heroes, surrealists Roy Loney, the Marx Brothers, Che Guevara, Rouquinov Alexandrov, Elizabeth Taylor, Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, Leonardo da Vinci. 

As he says of himself, his aim is to  “provoke, that is, to trigger a reaction in the spectator only to ‘invite’ him, beckoning him in and whispering in his ear ‘come over and talk to me, I want to tell you about the stupidity,violencebeautylovehatred, seriousness and fun, the logic and senselessness that pervade our day-to-day lives’ ”.