AsiaNow Oct.20, 2015: Gan Yishu and Alternative Collections present Xue Feng, Qin Yifeng, Wu Gaozhang and Ye Nam

Gan Yishu is part and parcel of a wider exhibition showcasing the generation of new contemporary artists throughout Europe. Come discover the 4 artists shown at AsiaNow on Nov. 20, 2015, Espace Cardin, Paris, who represent the new group of “Abstractionists and Corruptionists”

Viewing from 10 am to 8 pm. Cocktail at 5 pm RSVP or by phone at +33 6 89 33 63 63 16

Qin Yifeng belongs to the first generation which was breaking free from the shackles of contemporary art into new worlds. Qin Yifeng (b.1961, Shanghai Arts and Crafts and Shanghai University Beaux Arts) with Ding Yi, Shen Fan and others were part of the first group of artists in Shanghai to explore the Abstract, mocked in Beijing.

The second part of this exhibition stars the younger Abstract School, Xue Feng (b.1973, born in Zhejiang, graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing) and Ye Nan (b.1984 in Hangzhou, graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts). 

The photographer and painter Wu Gaozhong is part of an earlier generation (b.1962, graduated from Nanjing Arts Institute) that broke free of traditional contemporary art barriers to move beyond. He is, what I would call, a Corruptionist. His photographs of vanity, mounds of rotting fruit in traditional, ceramic pagoda landscapes are part of a movement to redefine art in China, moving unto the conceptual, with no longer a need to prove oneself, but simply to say something.


干艺术” Gan Yishu or “Doing art” is a new expression in China, current employed among artists. The verb “gan” sounds like “gan huo” meaning to work as a laborer, a factory worker, to work to make a living. But “gan” is a homonym for “feeling”, or sensuality or put more bluntly “doing it”. This makes Gan Yishu China’s newest private joke.

One could call the ganyishu-men or do-ers a new movement in Chinese art, a movement that goes beyond the simple expression of oneself through painting, photography, and sculpture. To “do art” is way of being, transgressing boundaries because one is and one is more than that, “an artist” and in that sense, a revolutionary.

To be an artist is to be an individual in the deepest sense of the word, a free agent in an unyielding dictatorship, not only of politics but also of population. To be free and to « make art » is as to be as free as to “make love” and to take that freedom is to be self-empowered.

This exhibition presents more than 50 artists, some part of the 1990s avant-garde movement and others born in the ‘70s and ‘80s, artists who are “doing art,” playing with new mediums or revolutionizing old mediums such as oil painting and attacking new subjects: eroticism, the environment, the Banana Republic, the individual, Rock & Roll, vanity, etc. There are four movements which I distinguish in the Chinese contemporary art landscape: the Corruptionists, the Abstractionists, the Dreamers/Escapists and the Erotics.

Art is breaking free in China, a process that started with the 1960s born artists and continues now, ever stronger with the new generation, an inevitable process in a world where the internet and platforms for art never cease to evolve and artists must move on from being Chinese to being a part of the word dialogue while keeping a sense of cultural inheritance.